Do you need a login under your company's membership?

If your company is already a member with FSSA, you're able to have your own member profile. You'll be able to use this profile to receive member benefits, like register for member-only events, apply special discounts to your purchases, and connect with other members!

You'll need to reach out to the Key Contact(s) of your company's FSSA membership and ask them to add you. Key Contact(s) for your company's FSSA membership can add you to the roster at any time! Here's how:

How do I view my current group roster and edit, add or remove individuals?

  1. Go to My Profile.
  2. Select My Organization.
  3. Select the Org Members.

From this page, you can view the group's current membership roster. Click on a member's name to view and/or edit the profile. Select unlink to remove individuals from the group membership. To add individuals to your group membership, click the "Create Linked Profile." Newly created members can use the forgot password link to reset their own password and complete the rest of the online member profile.

How do I designate other Key Contacts in my company membership?

Group membership administrators are called "Key Contacts." Key Contacts can also designate others within the group to be Key Contacts.

  1. Go to My Profile.
  2. Select My Organization then Org Members.
  3. Toggle the Is Key Contact button to On for the individual(s) you wish to be Key Contacts of the group.