FSSA White Paper

Effect of Sound Waves on
Data Storage Devices

Fire Safety Systems Protecting Data Centers

Fires in data centers occur and can result in loss of information, property, and life. A recent survey of FSSA members who install fire extinguishing systems in data centers indicated that hundreds of fires had been successfully extinguished by gaseous clean agent systems in data centers. In 2018, a fire occurred in a data center at a large university on the East Coast of the United States. The installed clean agent system extinguished the fire quickly and no data loss occurred. The campus fire chief related that the information contained on those servers represented years of research for the University and was in his words “priceless.” Although fires in data centers are not “common,” cases like this where an automatic gaseous agent fire system extinguishes a fire with no loss of data are the rule when clean agent systems are deployed.


Several types of fire safety systems are used in data centers.

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