FSSA Ambassador Program

FSSA Ambassador Program

The FSSA Global Outreach Committee is launching an ambassador program to expand the reach of the FSSA beyond the United States.

We are looking for FSSA members to serve as an ambassador and help us connect with international organizations to promote FSSA. Ambassadors are asked to commit to a 2-year term, with an option to extend for an additional 2-years with approval by the committee and board of directors.

Expectations of the Ambassador:

  • Participate in dialog through the calendar year with the partner organization. At minimum, quarterly meetings shall occur to discuss collaboration.
  • Provide updates to the global outreach committee during the committee meetings.
  • With the help of the global outreach committee along with the FSSA Marketing and Membership committees, define the FSSA messaging goals while formulating a common message to our partnering associations.
  • Travel to and participate in the partner organizations annual forum or events where possible. If travel to other countries is not feasible, the ambassador shall still be responsible for coordinating participation from an FSSA member that may be able to represent or through other means such as webinars or recorded presentations.
  • Follow the PEG Guidlines
    • Promote – Carry the FSSA message to partner organizations by sharing resources and getting involved in discussions about current industry practices.
    • Educate – Participate in forums, shows and educational opportunities by partner organizations. Summarize and deliver key, important ideas and topics to the FSSA Membership.
    • Grow – increase the membership of FSSA by identifying and recruiting non-US participants

Ambassador Training/Documentation:

All ambassadors will be provided an ambassador program guide to be used for FSSA ambassador training, and introducing the ambassador program to potential partner organizations.

The agreement with the partnering association will include an ambassador from their association. Both ambassadors will be the main points of contact between the associations.

Ambassador Recruitment:

Ambassadors to be identified, contacted and recruited by the Global Outreach Committee.  Ambassadors are chosen through an application process, then selected by the Global Outreach Committee with final approval granted from the board of directors.

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