FSSA Training Program FAQs

1. What is the approximate length of each course contained within a period? 

The course is “self paced” permitting the student to study each topic at his or her own pace. The length of each course module and the time it takes to complete a period is based solely on the pace of the student.


2. What course topics does each period contain? 

Periods one and two are comprised of basic introductory courses. Periods three and four are more technical and advanced versions of the introductory courses contained in the first two Periods.  View the period and course overview for details.


3. What are the pricing options for the Training Program. 

The complete program is complimentary to FSSA members and available to non-members for a cost. There are package deals available or individual courses may be purchased. View pricing.


4. If I purchase one license of the Training Program may I transfer that license to a second student? 

No, a license must be purchased for each student you wish to sign up for the program. If one student finishes the program, you must purchase a second license for a second student. If you have two students, you must purchase two licenses in order to sign them both up for the Training Program.


5. Do I have to purchase the whole Training Program?

No, the online training program is available by period, Individual classes, and as a whole


6. Is there an in-person version of this program? Is the training program presented by an instructor?

No, the Training Program is entirely online and self-paced. Students will not have an on-screen instructor presenting the material, which means that students may take the modules on their own time at any location.


7. How do I access my training program on the new platform?

Click here to view instructions on how to the online training program platform works.


8. Will I receive CEU's for completing the training program?

FSSA will provide a certificate for all the courses, which can then be submitted to NICET for credit hours.  Per NICET, FSSA does not assign specific credit hours for the training program.  If you have a question about a NICET certification or credit hours, we recommend to contact NICET directly.