FSSA Committees

The Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) mission is to be the leading authority and advocate of special hazard fire protection. FSSA is a volunteer organization that is made up of multiple committees which carry out the work of the association. Click on each committee below to learn more and submit your interest of participating on a committee today. FSSA committees run on an April 1 - March 31 year. Interested in serving? Now's the time to submit your interest form to join a 2024 committee!
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Codes and Standards Committee

FSSA has representatives who serve on NFPA committees on behalf of the association and for the industry. Our representatives provide a summary report containing pertinent activity from committee meetings or task groups, for all FSSA members. As a member, you benefit from gaining insight on new and/or existing codes and standards, in addition to having the opportunity to represent FSSA on NFPA committees.

Headquarters will distribute communication regarding vacancies in the codes and standards committee. The FSSA Technical Committee will review the applications and will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for final approval. 

To view a current list of FSSA Representatives on NFPA Committees, click here.

Training & Development Committee (Education Committee)

The FSSA Training & Development Committee develops association programs and activities to educate personnel within the fire suppression industry. The education committee manages the content of the FSSA Training Program and FSSA Educational Foundation, suggests appropriate FSSA webinar content topics and potential speakers to the marketing committee.

Global Outreach Committee

The FSSA Global Outreach Committee works to grow the FSSA  membership globally by focusing on building credibility and value in the EMEA and APAC regions, increasing our global presence by building regional partnerships with industry organizations through co‐branding webinars and publications, and explore international chapter establishment to create greater value in growth regions.

Marketing Committee

This committee oversees FSSA's efforts to generate awareness of the benefits of special hazards fire suppression systems. The committee acts to establish communication strategies and marketing initiatives. The committee works to develop the FSSA website and social media, ensuring relevant and current content. The committee collaborates with all other FSSA committees to disseminate information through communications channels, and evaluate how initiatives are performing and improve.

Membership Committee

The FSSA Membership Committee reviews names and qualifications of desirable FSSA prospects. Active member solicitation activities are also the functions of this committee. Actively recruit potential members to the association, screen new applicants by checking references and websites and make a recommendation to the board of directors for admittance into the FSSA.

Program Committee

This committee develops the FSSA Annual Forum which offers educational sessions, division meetings and the opportunity to network with industry peers. More specifically, the committee works to develop appropriate content topics and potential speakers for the forum, assists in identifying sponsorships and other opportunities to generate revenue for the annual forum.

Public Policy Committee

This committee provides leadership and expertise for FSSA's public policy efforts and to help FSSA monitor those public policies related to FSSA's purposes. The public policy committee also identifies, evaluates and monitors social, political and environmental trends, issues and concerns. The committee also assists the FSSA Board of Directors in analyzing these public policy trends and how they may impact fire protection activities and performance.

Technical Committee

FSSA’s Technical Committee reviews technical matters related to issues that are important to the membership and recommends courses of action to the board of directors. The committee executes special projects that are technical in nature. The committee conducts formal reviews and prepares proposals and/or comments on behalf of FSSA on public documents that relate to special hazard fire protection such as NFPA, UL and other important codes and standards.
Headquarters will distribute communication regarding technical committee elections when a seat is vacant. 
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